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Where to eat

Meals to relish

L’Auberge du Pont Romain at Sommières

Absolutely not to be missed is the regional cuisine brilliantly interpreted by head chef Thierry Michel and desert chef Frédéric Michel. Brothers in the flesh and at work, they welcome you to their “auberge” sited in a 19th century carpet factory at the heart of a shady garden in Sommières village. The imaginative specialities are full of flavour. On the menu : scallops, cuttlefish,  sautéd prawns with cuttlefish ink sauce,  “couteaux” gratinées with spicy butter,  beef Rossini with Cairanne sauce and morille mushroom foam. As for desserts : Pina Colada, deep fried brioche, pineapple and coconut sorbet … Not to miss : the collection of sophisticated, smooth chocolates, fruity or full bodied, all created with enormous savoir faire by  Frédéric Michel.

The Rose Blanche at Boisseron

Right up against the village’s ramparts, this thoroughly charming restaurant greets its clients in a guardroom dating from the 12th century. The imaginative cuisine is based on fresh, local products transformed by the Catalan chef, Jean-Michel Salcedo who quite often adds  a touch of perfume of the isles … The chef’s specialties : caramelized piglet thighs, bass fillet on a bed of sweet potatoes and balsamic peppers. It features in numerous guides, and you can choose from a range of the region’s best wines.

  • La Rose Blanche
  • Tél.. : + 33 (0)4 67 86 60 76
  • Menu : between  19 € and  55 €
The Jardin de Blanche at Salinelles

It’s in the outstanding 17th century setting of the Château de Salinelles that young Cyril Ginestier and Aurélie Piaget in the dining room will delight in unveiling their classy cuisine based on products of the region. And your senses will come alive in the courtyard’s the peaceful, shady terrace. Dishes here range from those with exotic blends, through summer savours and Mediterranean fragrances.

The Bec à Vin at Sommières

Right in the historic heart of Sommières, don’t miss the Bec à Vin, a bistro for wine tasting and tapas. Here you may discover Cendrine Rivaux-Dreano’s absolute favourites : “Mine, my loved ones, my friends” as she enjoys underlining. “Those whose heart is given over to offering the top of their art, delicious, precious wine. It needs talent, spirit and absolute dedication to produce such lovely things”.

Mouthwatering treats

Little goats’ cheese at Vic le Fesq

Olive oil, grapes, honey and – above all – Pélardon. Small creamy goats’ cheeses are emniscent of sunlit fields : young or old, you’ll just love them.   Produced in the most natural way by the Maison Heureuse (Happy House) at Vic le Fesq it’s a cheese that will enhance your fish, meat and summer salads.

  • La Maison Heureuse
  • Tél. : +33(0)4 66 77 84 96
Great qualities emerge from the Brouzet les Quissac press

Nothing artificial about this olive oil : full of vitamins and minerals it’s fruity yet clean to enhance your summer vegetables as well as winter fish dishes. Full of vitamin E, it’s great for your health and can even help you avoid  certain  problems. Bernadette and Max will enjoy introducing you to their olive oil, you’ll revel in its  voluptuous great taste.

  • Bernadette and Max Salze
  • Tél. : +33(0)4 66 77 45 87
Mouthwatering treats from Sommières

Luscious treats conceived with nuts, chocolate, orange, fruit patés … you’ll just be transported into a world of mouthwatering goodies with their aromas of caramel and almonds. Since 1963, this Courtin confectioner has been creating new and different treats to liven your parties, family feasts and wicked deserts.

  • Chocolatier Courtin
  • Tél. : +33(0)4 66 35 32 04
Made with passion at Quissac

Epicureans and lovers of good things will be at home here. The twenty or so agricultural producers have joined up to form  the Maison du Terroir so that you may share share their passion for good things. There’s a huge choice of quality goodies waiting for you : wine, honey, jam, olives and sausages, duck based dishes, soaps and consmetics and much, much more.

  • La Maison du Terroir
  • Tél. : +33(0)4 66 77 52 40
From the Cevennes to the Camague at Sommières

A house full of the terroir’s very special treasures: you, your family and friends will be thrilled at the examples of the country’s riches.

  • Des Cévennes à la Camargue
  • Tél. : +33(0)4 66 71 21 15
  • Sommières